Fine Art

MEF and it's experience is an ideal partner to realize fine art prints. The exhibitions and the art exhibitions are the core business of the company. MEF puts particular  attention in the creation of banners, totems, captions and other elements to create.  In addition, MEF is specialized in the production of letters and adhesive graphics slotted often applied to the wall, or on glass, panels, various supports, with high visual effect.



Since the days of analog photography, M.E.F. has been a point of reference for printing, in particular for B / N and the Cibachrome printing. The natural conversion to digital has not changed the passion and attention to print jobs. Latest machinery, from scanners to pigment printers, and high quality papers, are a further guarantee for those who want to Fine Art prints.



M.E.F. also provides services for technical photography, still-life for catalog, brochures, graphics and layout, in particular synergy with the new digital printing techniques.

PAINTINGS AND back Lighted Prints

The collaboration with RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana allowed to develop, after years of experimentation, a system to capture and print on canvas of the highest resolution and color fidelity.

This collaboration led to the creation of the "Mostre Impossibili"; exhibitions through which you can see the entire artistic production of three of the greatest geniuses of Italian art, such as Caravaggio, Leonardo and Raffaello. The works are all reproduced in real size and enhanced by back lighting, which allows the framework to have its own light,  simulating the effect a great work art.

Frames make it a fine object, furnishings of great impact and elegance.

Custom glass

Attention furnishing detail and homes,  has meant that MEF put in place a system of customization of glass and crystal, which has the characteristic of packaging the graphic choice, creating a beautiful and durable piece.

Starting from needs, you may have, with a unique and singular effect, windows, doors, tables, shelves, frames for mirrors, which by their nature are well suited to use for both indoor/outdoor.

The Bag of art

"The bag of Art" is a MEF production, completely hand made in Italy. It’s possible to personalize the bags exactly as you like: name, brand of the company etc.

Starting from the combination of various artifacts and graphic production, with the aim of spreading knowledge of the masterpieces in various museums, MEF uses traditional media promotion of exhibitions, concerts, shows and events. This allows you to make products unique, suitable for everyday use, for a collecters original. This is the way art travels with us; you get to meet ambassadors at real beauty. The proposed product has two connotations :

RECYCLED ART: the bag is made recycling media products for promotion, adversiting and teaching of  various cultural events.

PHOTO GALLERY: in this case the bag is produced from a personalized print, in unique prospectives, in limited editions that guarantee the purchase of unique and exclusive piece. Also sending a photo or graphic, you can make a bag even more exclusive that represent you or that represents the event that you want to promote!